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  • As long as you’re up to date with your payments and don’t have any outstanding returns you can set up a budget payment plan with HMRC. Some people are super organised so they set up a separate bank account and have no problem setting an amount to one side and leaving it there. Some of us are... [read more]
  • The Self Employment Income Support Scheme was available to anyone who was self employed and adversely affected by the pandemic. I’m sorry to be a party pooper but if you claimed it there are some things you should know. Not telling the accountant HMRC prevented accountants making applications... [read more]
  • If you are VAT registered you have no choice and must use a recognised accounting package. Even if you aren’t yet registered for VAT it may be your business has grown and you want better control. Either way if you are looking for an accounting package the choice can be bewildering. The last tim... [read more]
  • When you pay someone for some work it is your responsibility to get it right. Can you treat them as self employed or should they be on the payroll? Employed versus self employed is always a thorny issue and the man who owns Pimlico Plumbers found out how difficult it can really be. In this insta... [read more]
  • There was once a time long long ago in a land far far away, or that’s how it feels, when we didn’t live in our draconian world of penalties. Now there are lots and it makes it even more important when you’re in business to be sure you know all the deadlines avoid the fines. The most obvious is t... [read more]
  • Now is the time of year when we all want to get together and let our hair down a bit but is the cost of holding a party for your staff a tax deductible expense? In short the answer is a simple, yes, but there are one or two conditions. Before you were thinking of being too generous there is a... [read more]
  • For all you super generous employers this is a very topical subject at this time of year although the same rules apply throughout the year. So, if you’re in a generous mood and feel the need to treat your staff to something this festive season please read on. In short, as long as the gift doesn’... [read more]
  • As we’re now approaching the festive period we thought it a good idea to remind everyone about how to treat Christmas gifts for your clients.  In this post we just focusing on gifts to customers, not gifts to employees. The general rule is that business gifts do not qualify for tax relief... [read more]