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  • Those letting out holiday homes have, historically, been pretty relaxed about VAT reports and filings simply because they haven’t had to worry about them. However, this is not necessarily the case. Furnished holiday lettings are usually standard rated for VAT and must be registered for VAT once the ... [read more]
  • Employed versus self employed is always a thorny issue and the man who owns Pimlico Plumbers has just found out how difficult it can really be. What’s more if you get it wrong our friends at HMRC can be very forthright in the way they’ll be dealing with you. Not only is there a hefty fine but you wi... [read more]
  • Many who run various parts of their own books on a computer often fail to realise the importance of backing up their files externally. Leaving all of your financial files in one place leaves you open to a multitude of pitfalls and crimes which can leave you floundering when it comes to getting your ... [read more]
  • Anyone with staff who receive benefits in kind (BiKs) should remember they have to submit details on a P11D form by the 6th July following the end of the tax year. The most common BiKs are private health, vehicles (including vans) and fuel. When a van is a van is often a tricky one and we always enc... [read more]